"By 2025, 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer's fault. Misconfiguration drives the vast majority of incidents"

Aker's automated blueprints accelerate deployments and eliminate human configuration errors

Hardened Cloud Environment (HCE)®

Ultra-secure public cloud

Government grade security delivered within a cloud native environment that is optimised for performance and complex applications and enterprise services. HCE enables organisations to expand the range of services processing sensitive data that can be operated in the public cloud


  • Baseline zero trust cloud native environment
  • Automated component and integration blueprints
  • Optimised for security and/or performance
  • DevSecOps enabled CI/CD pipelines
  • Supports complex applications and services
  • Active governance & assurance
  • Enterprise class managed service


  • Government grade security posture
  • Unlocks sensitive data from legacy systems
  • Reduced deployment time
  • Eliminates manual configuration errors
  • Mission critical scalability and resilience
  • Integrated into client environment and governance
  • Significant TCO benefit vs on-premise

Managed Data Exchange (MDE)®

Enterprise data ingestion and sharing

MDE addresses the enterprise challenge of data being landed more than once. A highly scalable and resilient cloud native service which unlocks data held hostage in legacy systems. Acquire data from diverse systems and share securely in real time with integrated access and compliance controls. MDE reduces the time and cost of onboarding and managing data


  • Acquire once, consume many times
  • Acquire and publish data at any speed and size
  • Automated validation and data quality
  • System-of-record capable
  • Flexible data consumption
  • Data catalog and self-service onboarding
  • Integrated access and compliance controls


  • Eliminates data silos and diversity
  • Unlock data from legacy enterprise systems
  • Secure, consistent and timely data sharing
  • Highly scalable and resilient
  • Data queryable in place
  • Reduces costs of onboarding and managing data
  • Maintain compliance and sovereignty

Domain Streaming Engine

Real-time enterprise data unification

A centralised real-time data platform which addresses the challenge of mapping data consistently across the enterprise. DSE enables the processing of data in real-time into common domain models with integrated business rules tailored for fast and flexible serving. DSE facilitates data de-duplication and associated costs


  • Centralised real-time data platform  
  • Maps data to a domain model
  • Enrich with common business rules
  • Enhance with enterprise and industry data models
  • Prioritisation by data feed
  • Integrated access and compliance controls


  • Consistent enterprise data sharing
  • Real-time data available across the enterprise
  • Tailored to enterprise data domains
  • Highly scalable and resilient
  • Eliminates duplicate data management costs
  • Maintain compliance and sovereignty

Over the course of a few months, we have built an enterprise-class data ingestion service with streaming capabilities.The service has proven itself to be a 'business-accelerator' providing a step-change increase in the speed at which data sources can be acquired at a significantly reduced cost.

Andy Gregory
Deputy Director, Data Services and Analytics
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