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Our Blueprints and advanced Architectures turn Public Cloud services into highly secure private environments for our customers

Hardened Cloud Environment® (HCE)

Account policies, components and integration blueprints are automated to accelerate builds and eliminate delivery risk. This means that any new project is implemented at exceptional speed, resulting in rapid value to the customer

Managed Data Exchange® (MDE)

Operating within the HCE, Aker’s MDE addresses the challenge of data being landed more than once across an organisation. MDE reduces cost, provides consistency of security and improves “speed to insight” for projects requiring data ingestion at scale

Domain Streaming Engine® (DSE)

Aker’s Domain Streaming Engine® (DSE) processes data at low latency into common domain models for fast and flexible consumption across the enterprise.


During the Hardened Cloud Environment® design phase Aker Systems maps business requirements for availability, scalability, timescales and budget to the most appropriate design Blueprint to rapidly inform the project plan.


The Agile delivery team builds out the environment as designed, following Aker Systems and customer processes to ensure that the build is compliant with current security and architecture standards. Aker Systems Accelerated Transition Service® is invoked at this point if the build is not green field.



We use DevSecOps principles and delivery methodologies across all Aker Systems support teams which, combined with using such documentation aids as Infrastructure as Code, ensure highly effective operations in terms of enhanced service levels and reduced operational costs.


Once design principles and objectives are defined, our Hardened Cloud Environment® build begins with the selection of an Aker Systems Blueprint to deliver an environment that is matched to business requirements in terms of availability, scalability, timescales and budget. There are a number of Blueprint templates available to our architects and selection will depend, amongst a number of other factors, on the target environment (hybrid/green field/transition/transformation) and the strategy around data feeds.

Hardened Cloud Environment - Build


Once the Hardened Cloud Environment® design has been through the Aker Systems Security sign off process and customer Technical Design Authorities (or equivalent), the Agile delivery teams build out the environment as designed. We use build automation, which ensures maximum performance and flexibility for the new environment in addition to providing significant cost and business continuity benefits. Our Accelerated Transition Service® provides fast and effective migration of services as required.


The Hardened Cloud Environment® provided by Aker Systems makes extensive use of automation, self healing and other advanced support technologies to maximise availability and reduce support cost. We use DevSecOps in our support teams to ensure that the mindset of every team member is “everyone is responsible for security and supportability” with the goal of safely distributing security and development decisions at speed and scale to those best qualified to make decisions without sacrificing safety or availability.

"The Hardened Cloud Environment® enables our customers to benefit from the cost savings and performance improvements associated with Public Cloud services in a fully protected environment“

Adam Fawsitt
Executive Chairman, Aker Systems

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