Aker: powering the future of data-driven enterprises

Aker is a tech-enabled services business with a laser focus on the modernisation of data infrastructure. We help enterprises become mature data-driven organisations.

We believe that data is the cornerstone of competitive advantage for enterprises. In the future, all outstanding organisations will be real-time and data driven. Dependable decision-making, optimised customer experiences, AI-powered productivity and innovation will be impossible without a mature data foundation.

We transition you to this new era of AI driven digital transformation. It exists in the cloud because that’s where you get the speed and scale. It’s a world where data is unified, trusted and highly accessible. It’s where automation ensures data quality and compliance. And it’s where your data-literate employees can collaborate, make better decisions and seize opportunities.

We’re a young company, unburdened with legacy technology. And as you might expect from an agile market challenger, we do things differently.  When we survey the data modernisation market, we see exponential growth but a lack of direction. We see hands-off advice and sluggish delivery. We see large budgets swallowed up without much benefit. 

And we see a need for an alternative approach. Aker is the antidote to these vague and outmoded practices. We bring clear-eyed strategy, speed, certainty and an obsession with delivery and results. 

Vision: creating universally trusted data for a safe and prosperous world

Mission: to build and operate advanced, ultra-secure data infrastructure enabling you to fully exploit the public cloud and become a real-time enterprise

Our values and guiding principles

Technically curious

We are innovative and geek friendly technologists at heart, happiest when pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We thrive on complex leading edge technology challenges. We seek to constantly develop our technology skills.

Delivery obsessed

We obsess over delivering great outcomes for our customers. We always strive to achieve customer delivery milestones on time and exceed customer expectations. We seek to build the best reputation in our market for delivery. We always deliver what we promise.

Socially responsible

We aim to have a highly positive impact on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental. We believe in actions not words – we give, hire, support, and offset – to actually make a difference. We take measures to reduce our environmental impact. We donate funds to charitable organisations. We recruit and develop exceptionally talented people from diverse backgrounds.

Speed and certainty

In today’s fast-paced tech world, speed is a crucial factor for success. We act quickly and decisively in delivering positive outcomes for our customers and in improving our internal processes and systems. We do not procrastinate. Exploiting our own technologies, we strive to provide certainty for the outcomes we commit to.

Action oriented

Aker people are proactive and demonstrate a can-do attitude. We run towards the fire. We seek to resolve problems face on and have a collective responsibility to act. We are comfortable questioning and being out of our comfort zone. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion - but once a decision is made we all get behind it.

Diverse and inclusive

We're committed to upholding a culture where inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility are valued and respected. We encourage and promote recruitment processes to achieve a diverse employee base. We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds for us to succeed.

An Aker family

We take care of each other, we foster a culture of warmth and belonging, we are collaborative and we share a common objective. Supporting our family members through difficult times is a fundamental value of Aker.

Long-term focus

We are focused on developing the most innovative cloud data infrastructure business in the UK. We will achieve that through our commitment to hiring, retaining and developing outstanding talent. We make decisions that allow our team to succeed over the long term.

Positive and fun

We enjoy our work and celebrate our successes, large and small. Humour – always respectful, and sometimes irreverent, is a constant.