Strategic cloud & data solutions

Unlock innovation and efficiency with our cloud and data solutions. Strategically evaluate, secure, and optimise your data assets.

Solution discovery

With rapid advances in cloud and data technologies, there is a pressing need to evaluate the latest best-fit options for your needs. Our solution discovery assesses your business and technical requirements, explores options, identifies risks and analyses cost implications.

It results in a more secure and reliable technical architecture by addressing potential issues early. You can optimise your investment by thoroughly evaluating the whole market, and pave the way for better business value by selecting solutions that align with your objectives.

Cloud data architecture

Our cloud data architecture service gives you flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency, security, and agility in managing your data assets. It models how you can integrate and centralise data, ensure data security and compliance, and harness advanced analytics and AI capabilities.

It starts with a comprehensive data assessment, and requires close collaboration with stakeholders, and careful selection of cloud platforms and services. By following best practices and involving the right roles, you can design and scope the capabilities you need to drive innovation and business growth.

Cloud data capability assessment

A cloud data capability assessment requires a cross-functional team of data architects, engineers, scientists, cloud experts, security specialists, and business analysts. The assessment scope is defined using an appropriate framework (such as CDMC or CMMI) interviews, and detailed analysis is undertaken to evaluate your current cloud data capabilities. 

We identify gaps and weaknesses, and create a roadmap for cost optimisation, enhanced decision-making,  innovation, and continuous improvements over time. With actionable recommendations, you can unlock the full potential of your data.

Enterprise data strategy

Enterprise data strategy has several key components. We define a data vision, assess data maturity, develop a business case for change, and create a target operating model. It crafts a strategic roadmap to guide data-related initiatives and align them with your organisational objectives.

It focuses on how you consolidate data from various sources, improve data accuracy, adopt scalable storage, derive meaningful insights from data, safeguard sensitive data, define data governance policies, and adapt to changing business needs.