Cloud and data infrastructure modernisation

Build a secure, cost-effective cloud foundation. Share data securely to boost business value, quality, and collaboration

Secure cloud foundations

Design and build in your own environment an accredited, secure by design, zero-trust cloud foundation layer. Our secure cloud foundations solution provides security assurance for both access and operations.

It is a proven, accelerated route to a security accredited cloud foundation that slashes cost and risk. It adds value by leveraging our Hardened Cloud Environment® to deliver government-grade access controls.

Enterprise data acquisition and sharing 

Accelerate business value by sharing your data securely using the cloud. Combining codified blueprints and deep expertise, we design, build and deploy your cloud-scale data acquisition and sharing platform.

It reduces data onboarding costs, assures data quality and compliance so that you can harness the value of data, make data-driven decisions, and enhance collaboration.