Cloud and data managed services

Efficiently manage and secure your cloud infrastructure. Gain data-driven insights, optimise costs and enhance security.

Managed cloud operations

Our managed service ensures your cloud operations are efficient and secure. We monitor, scale, secure and performance tune your infrastructure so you can focus on your core business objectives.

We reduce risk by implementing best practices, and drive down costs with streamlined processes and optimised resources. And we use automation to ensure service levels are met and improved upon.

Enterprise data operations

Empower your business with data-driven insights and operations excellence. It is commercially vital that data is accessible on time, assured and compliant. We establish platforms and a unified operational model to manage data assets and infrastructure, so that reliable data is available in real-time.

You get peace of mind with our strict SLA’s and continuous improvements that cut data costs. And you derive value with our open knowledge transfer that up skills your team.

Cloud cost optimisation

Put guardrails and practices in place to manage the costs of your public cloud. Our Cloud Cost Optimisation Assessment solution gives you an accurate understanding of your cloud spend, and a strategy and roadmap to reduce and manage costs more effectively. 

We ingrain cloud cost management into your operations. Real-time cost visualisation, alerts and automated workflows maximise your ROI in the cloud. 

Cloud security, compliance and assurance

Implement security controls to ensure your data stays safe. We provide cyber security consultancy throughout your data modernisation journey. It includes security solution design, governance frameworks and process, and data privacy compliance.

We ensure security by design to NCSC standards and compliance with UK data protection legislation. You reduce the risk of data compromise and denial of service attacks, and will be able to transparently articulate the level of cyber security risk and any necessary remedies.