Domain Streaming Engine (DSE)™

A centralised real-time data platform that maps data consistently across the enterprise. DSE dynamically processes data into your domain model and enriches it with your business rules. It rapidly serves data in flexible formats minimising data de-duplication costs.

Faster data insights

Reduce manual data cleansing and obtain refined and standardised data. Make data rapidly accessible for valuable analysis. Gain actionable insights faster. DSE is a bespoke, real-time data transformation service. It ensures that raw data can be utilised quickly to advance understanding and aid innovation.

Solve data issues in weeks, not years

DSE can be revolutionary. The time to land new data sources can be reduced to a few weeks. Cost can be reduced by over 50%, and systems that were previously updated once a week, can now be updated in real-time.

Robust design

Domain Driven Design principles underpin DSE. Your business domain is comprehensively modelled. Business process logic is designed consistently with states and transitions and business rules applied to commands. Aker's design expertise is combined with ready to deploy code, built-in support for AVRO IDL models, data adaptors and a stateful event streaming platform.

Over the course of a few months, we have built an enterprise-class data ingestion service with streaming capabilities. The service has proven itself to be a 'business-accelerator' providing a step-change increase in the speed at which data sources can be acquired at a significantly reduced cost.

Andy Gregory
Deputy Director, Data Services and Analytics
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