Hardened Cloud Environment®

Achieve government grade security within a cloud native environment that is performance optimised for enterprise class services. Include all systems and applications that process sensitive data in your public cloud.

HCE is the foundation layer of your public cloud environment. It underpins the migration of legacy data to modern cloud based services. Attain mission critical security, scalability and data availability faster and at lower cost.

Launch in weeks, not months

Accelerate your HCE implementation with our technology blueprints. Proven patterns and pipelines, reusable pre-integrated components and tested full stack architectures combine to get you up and running faster.

Built-in security and performance

With HCE the security and performance heavy lifting is done for you. It is a zero trust environment where most of the key configuration and deployment decisions are built-in. Our infrastructure-as-code components have inherent performance attributes gained from our many years experience migrating data to the cloud.

Best practice infrastructure management

HCE is designed from the ground-up as an enterprise class platform with an extensible, layered architecture. It is cloud and service agnostic so you can easily add new capabilities whilst maintaining an ultra-secure foundation and consistent deployment practices. And as it is DevSecOps enabled, it supports the continuous delivery of complex applications with differing release strategies.

Over the course of a few months, we have built an enterprise-class data ingestion service with streaming capabilities. The service has proven itself to be a 'business-accelerator' providing a step-change increase in the speed at which data sources can be acquired at a significantly reduced cost.

Andy Gregory
Deputy Director, Data Services and Analytics
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