Managed Data Exchange (MDE)™

MDE addresses the enterprise challenge of data being landed more than once. It is a highly scalable and resilient cloud native service that unlocks data held hostage in legacy systems.

Obtain data from diverse systems and share securely in real time with integrated access and compliance controls. MDE shrinks the time and cost to acquire and manage data. All without exposing your data to third parties or leaving you open to data theft in transit.

Accelerate data onboarding

Get data flowing with proven extensible built-in connectors, gateways and automated data translation into AVRO format. Collect streaming or batch based data, and parse tabular and complex data structures with ease.

Immediate data availability

Downstream data consumers can instantly access real-time or batch based data. Open industry standards such as REST, JSON, and XML provide a high degree of interoperability. And a vast range of source and target connectors permit data to be exchanged for different file formats and types.

Full data auditing and lineage

MDE provides record-level traceability for downstream consumers. Logging, metrics, tracing and health indicators are all baked in as a core part of the solution.

Unrivalled performance and scalability

MDE has a modern proven architecture combined with an industry-recognised technology stack. The result is a high performance application that is resilient, scalability and secure. Components can be added to a horizontally expandable service-based architecture, and Kafka partitioning and consumer groups add further load balanced scalability.

Highly available and secure

The design of MDE, coupled with Kubernetes containerised deployment and a cluster based architecture, deliver a highly available and fault tolerant system. Granular segregation of storage and compute, encryption standards, zero trust principles, and public key cryptography make MDE ultra secure.

Over the course of a few months, we have built an enterprise-class data ingestion service with streaming capabilities. The service has proven itself to be a 'business-accelerator' providing a step-change increase in the speed at which data sources can be acquired at a significantly reduced cost.

Andy Gregory
Deputy Director, Data Services and Analytics
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