June 15, 2023

June saw the latest of our Company events where we get as many of our teams face to face as possible. This forms part of our continued efforts to optimise remote working as the norm, while recognising that there are some challenges in terms of getting to know each other. Like most companies, we continue to learn and improve how we do this. Getting people together, particularly as we continue to grow, is an important part of this.

The theme for this event was ‘connection’ – not least because we have had more than 60 new joiners since the last event. We started with a session with Simon Roberts, who after a successful career in business, provides mentoring and wellness support to all our teams. Amongst other things, we learnt that it is hard to stand on one leg with your eyes shut – and why medical science suggests improving this simple exercise could be important. And why this shouldn’t be undertaken near the tables of tea / coffee / cakes!

We also heard from a senior industry figure who gives up his time to mentor members of the Aker technology team – he currently holds a very senior European leadership position with one of the Hyperscalers, and it was a real privilege to get his thoughts and reflections on the current technology market and the rise of AI and Quantum computing. Aker’s CEO Darren Thomas provided an update on the year just gone, highlighting both the main achievements, and the challenges we faced, particularly in terms of political uncertainty. He also laid out plans and targets for the forthcoming year and, possibly inadvertently, provided a rich seam of sartorial banter based on his choice of jacket for the day.

Before devoting the majority of the day to socialising and getting to know the new arrivals, we were delighted to welcome one of our senior Government clients, who gave his perspective on the importance of the work we are doing, and the progress our teams are making. We are very grateful to him and his colleagues, who took the time out of their incredible pressured schedules to join us, and in so doing significantly contributed to an excellent day.