Investing in new routes to market

September 26, 2022

Alongside our placement on DOS 6 and G-Cloud 13, we are delighted to have been awarded a place on the Governments new Big Data and Analytics framework, which has been developed in accordance with the National Data Strategy. Aker, as an SME, is one of only 50 suppliers, of whom more than half are global industry players. The agreement has a simple two lot structure, and encompasses a wide range of data and analytics capabilities. The Framework aims to support the Government as it continues to put data at the heart of innovation.

There are a number of pillars on which the National data Strategy is based, including those of ‘Data Foundations’, and ‘Data Availability’. Lot 1 of the new framework agreement – covering design, build, and run of data infrastructure, has a small number of specialist suppliers. Aker’s capabilities – the build and operation of advanced and ultra secure data infrastructure platforms in the public cloud - enable organisations to reduce the high cost of operating and maintaining secure and real-time environments, and in turn reduce the opportunity cost of inefficient or inadequate use of data across the enterprise.

As the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has noted in more recent commentary, much of the activity under the National data Strategy is breaking new ground. Aker is proud to be at the forefront of this, through provision of cloud-native streaming architecture enabling efficient real-time data flows; scalable data infrastructure with an ‘any source, any format, any consumer’ approach; and intra / inter organisational data sharing, in turn enabling lineage and audit for compliance and regulatory processes.

The DCMS continue to develop a National Data Strategy indicator suite, that extends even into monitoring the creation of a fairer society for all, by ensuring data is used responsibility. Aker is extremely proud to have, in the past, been jointly nominated for a Data For Good award in partnership with a major Government Department, and we look forward to enabling similar Government successes through provision of capabilities under this new framework.