Strengthening our leadership team

September 4, 2023

We are delighted to announce the latest addition to our Board, as Andy Isherwood joins as a Non-Executive Director. Andy was the Managing Director for AWS EMEA until very recently, and we are extremely proud that he has chosen to join us. Andy is no stranger to Aker Systems, having been involved behind the scenes from the outset, providing advice to our founders during our start-up phase, through to more recently mentoring some of our senior technical team, and advising on strategy and product development. He is a firm believer in the premise that technology is at the heart of any enterprise-scale endeavour, and that both legacy systems and emerging technologies mean the market place is vast and growing. More specifically, his view that data has what he terms ‘gravitational pull’ across each and every enterprise, is at the very heart of Aker’s focus on the data infrastructure modernisation that is required to overcome the issues of legacy data estates, whilst enabling the exploitation of new and emerging technologies. Over and above the market space we operate in, Andy’s view, across more than 35 years in the sector, is that delivery obsession and collaborative cultures are the absolute foundations for a successful business, and we are delighted that he recognises those traits in the Aker team, and has chosen to support the next phase of our journey as a result.