Wellness – well maybe….

February 5, 2024

The world of wellness seems to constantly evolve, with all sorts of things emerging as the latest favourite recommendation. At Aker we maintain a regular cadence of wellness sessions, largely exploring enduring themes and those with a body of scientific support. Cold water exposure does seem to be a pervasive practice so, and after a little bit of persuading, one or two of the team took the (literal) plunge into inflatable cold water recovery tubs. With a finely honed sense of timing, those involved took up the practice in November. Minus 5 and pre-plunge ice breaking have proven the wisdom of this choice!

The disparate volunteer team of quite possibly mad individuals have adopted a forward purchase policy – when you receive a tub you have to 1. use it and 2. get one delivered to the next person. Some intriguing domestic dynamics have played out too – one of our stalwart delivery team – a veteran of many an endurance event, and whose name definitely isn’t Russ, didn’t take up the practice until after his teenage daughter had shown the way (repeatably and with no fuss at all)! Marc – pictured with the flesh coloured swimming cap, has the prize for the longest period of procrastination; and Sarah, also pictured, has the prize for the longest sub-zero immersion to date!

Darren, our CEO (pictured in the very fashionable orange hat) has led the charge, and despite the wintery conditions the practice is slowly proliferating across all areas of the Aker family! And if anyone considering such things has a spare 87 years, Darren will forward his Tik Tok archive on the merits of the plunge! He has become quite the evangelist, so definitely do not engage him in the subject unless you really do have lots of time!